Newton’s comments are welcomed


Sports Illustrated’s Peter King, via Pro Football Talk, tweeted Tuesday that in a phone interview former Auburn quarterback Cam Newton stated to him that he sees himself not only as a football player, but an entertainer and icon.

Many people may shy away from those comments, but to me they are welcomed.

What it says about Newton is that he views himself as one of the National Football League’s greatest players one day. Newton knows that it is not enough to talk the talk as to be truly great he has to walk the walk and he is already doing that.

Newton’s advisor NFL Hall of Famer Warren Moon had some interesting comments on his work ethic to The News Tribune, via Pro Football Talk.

“I see a kid who trains to be great; that’s what he’s all about, all he talks about, being great,” Moon said. “His work ethic is so unbelievable that, if anything, you have to try to slow him down and keep him from doing too much. You see how much he wants to work at getting better, not just on the field, but in the classroom, studying film.”

The great ones know who they are, their skill set and what it takes to be successful at whatever level of competition that they are at. A great example is last month’s College Football National Championship game.

Before the game Newton had all the distractions in the world as the story before the game was the question of his eligibility, along with some other stuff. Even though he had those out there he never let that worry him as he knew if he let them be a distraction his team would lose.

In the end, with the right coaching staff Newton is going to be one of the all time greats.

When it comes to drafting QBs only one thing matters


The National Football League has turned into a quarterback league as rules and offenses has tipped the balance in its favor.

So, when it comes to drafting a quarterback only one thing matters, and that is the pick pans out.

Quarterbacks that are picked in the first three rounds of the NFL draft have huge impacts on the team that takes them. The reason is that quarterbacks picked in those rounds at one point or another usually start.

With quarterbacks being the focal point of an offense, the failure of a drafted quarterback sets back a team years. That is the result of having to spend another draft pick on a quarterback and grooming him on the bench for several years while a average veteran starts and runs the offense.

On the flip side, hitting on a draft pick can result making the playoffs for the next decade. Let me tell you there is nothing like being in attendance for  a playoff game.

In the end, if the Buffalo Bills do spend the third overall draft pick on a quarterback hopefully it pans out this time.