Stroud’s departure will mean shuffling


The Buffalo Bills released defensive end Marcus Stroud after being ineffective last year, along with due to make $4.5 million in base salary.

His departure means that there will be some shuffling along the defensive line.

The move creates a vacancy at the left defensive end position that some feel will possibly be filled by defensive ends Alex Carrington or Spencer Johnson. However, I don’t think that is the route that they will take.

Most likely the Bills will shift nose tackle Kyle Williams to the left defensive end position as it will allow him to handle one on one blocking most of the time. That should result in more production from Williams in tackles and in sacks.

At the nose tackle position the Bills will most likely have a open competition between nose tackles Torell Troup and Kellen Heard.

To be honest I figured the move was coming sooner or later. The reason being you just don’t use a second round draft pick on someone to ride the bench. Also, Troup and Heard are the more prototypical nose tackles where Williams is a little bit on the light side.

In the end, the defense’s success depends on the development of young players like Troup.

A dose of good news for Buffalo


Good news is far and few in between when it comes to the media as sensationalism attracts viewers and listeners.

So, for once I thought I pass along some good new as for onceĀ  Buffalo will keep much needed jobs.

According to MSNBC, Borders has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and will close 200 stores nationwide. After reviewing the closing list I am happy to pass along that Borders will not close either of its two locations here in Western New York.

Most of the stores that are being closed in New York are in the Southeastern part of the state with Ithica being the lone exception. The sate that will be hit the hardest by the closings is California as it is planned to close 35 stores. In second place is Illinois and Florida as Borders has planned to close 16 stores in each state.

In the end, it is nice for once not to be on the short end of the stick.