Richardson’s anger is understandable


The talk around the National Football League has been Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson’s attitude towards Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees in a collective bargaining session earlier this month.

Look at the news today Richardson’s anger is understandable.

Richardson being a former player understands all the things that former and current players go through on a daily basis. What he also knows how it feels to play a game for very little play. On top of that he knows the pains and struggles that his former teammates are going through.

Many people think that Richardson is upset over the fact that the owners got screwed last time around. However, it is more than just that as this anger is most likely the result of years of pain and anguish from seeing his friends struggle to make ends meet while an unappreciative bunch of spoiled brats go out play and then whine moan and complain about how they aren’t getting paid.

Why do you think Richardson snapped at Manning so easily when he asked for the owners to open their books?

Its due to their attitude that since the game of football is so popular that they can do what they want and Manning is the poster child of that. How many times has Manning taken less to help keep some teammates or to have the front office go out and get a quality free agent? None, it is all about Manning while New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has taken less to keep some players.

In the end, to truly understand a situation you have to look past the surface.