An amazing video


Sometimes we forget amid all the chaos of everyday life of what is really important. Then there are those moment, even if it isn’t real, that you remember what really is important.

That is the case with Lady Antebellum’s latest video.

Our children are vital and important to the future success of not only our country, but to life on earth and possibly beyond. Unfortunately, we forget that their life is so fragile that one little thing that goes wrong could take their life away.

That is the one thing that is missing in the whole labor situation is the children. Children look to National Football League players for guidance on how to behave in life and be an adult, but like most of society we get caught up in doing our job so we can get paid.

In the end, hopefully the video will remind the rest of you like it did with me to take sometime out and sit with your children and tell them how much you love them.