Newton has a shot at first


Auburn quarterback Cam Newton held a workout for the media and many came away raving about him.

That means Newton has a good shot at going first overall.

Quarterbacks are coveted in the National Football League, so that means with a good Combine workout or Pro Day Newton could vault himself to first overall.

One of the knocks is that Newton mainly played out of the shotgun formation. That really isn’t that much of a big deal as many teams are using spread formations. Spread formations a lot of the time have the quarterback back in the shot gun.

Also, a lot of the reading a quarterback does is before the ball is snapped. Then when the ball is snapped the quarterback pretty much confirms, or not, what he thought the defense was doing before the snap.

However, to truly be successful in the NFLĀ  a player needs to be an extremely hard worker as the best work their tails off everyday to become better. Unfortunately, there are teams that get carried away with these workouts even though they are in shorts and a t-shirt, along without the pressure from the opposition’s defense.

In the end, if the Bills do take Newton hopefully it will be for what they saw on game film.