Now we know why they walked away


The National Football League ended collective bargaining negotiations earlier then scheduled Wednesday and canceled negotiations scheduled for Thursday.

Now, we know why the NFL walked out of the session.

The reason is that they are frustrated with the National Football League Players Association antics.  They blab to the media all the time about how they wan to get a deal done that is fair to them. However, they then proposed some outrageous proposals that infuriated the owners thus causing them to walk out.

Apparently, not only does the NFLPA want to keep their current slice of the pie they also want to change to formula for figuring out the salary cap to all revenue. They also want the length of rookie contracts reduced from five years for first round draft picks to four and every one else from four to three.

Seriously, why they hell are they trying to change everything when all that is needed is a rookie wage scale and a salary cap formula that is fair to all the owners big or small.

What they are doing however is trying to maximize their leverage to get as much as they can. The fact of the matter is the only thing they are doing is making themselves look like greedy.

In the end, these negotiations isn’t about one person or thing, but rather what is fair and best for the everyone and the game.

Bills fans won’t get their wish


Many Buffalo Bills fans were hoping that the team would go back to one of their old uniforms.

Well Bills fans won’t get their wish as the Buffalo News is reporting the jersey’s will be a totally new concept. The Bills at least learned from the Buffalo Sabres jersey debacle and is keeping their signature charging buffalo.

Hopefully, the Bills will go back to their old blue color as the current dark blue just doesn’t work. Anything that resembles the old color scheme would work.

Let’s face it a change has been long over due as the jerseys were hideous. Even Jim Rome on his radio show bashed the Bills current jerseys calling them the worst in the National Football League.

In the end, hopefully the new uniforms are as nice as current Bills running back Fred Jackson tweeted.