Bengals wake and smell the coffee


Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer told the team to either trade him or he will retire.

With Palmer’s latest move the Bengals better wake up and smell the coffee.

According to the Cincinnati Enquire, via Pro Football Talk, Palmer is putting his house on the market. In other words Palmer means what he says.

What most likely will happen is that the Bengals will convince Palmer to play one more year with the team and then will trade him. If they were smart they would give him his wish before his trade value plummets as Palmer still has a lot left as he will be 32 in December.

It is pretty sad to see Palmer’s career go to such waste all because Bengals owner Mike Brown is so darn cheap. Even on a dysfunctional team Palmer had 3,970 yards passing with 26 touchdowns and 20 interceptions.

In the end, hopefully things work out for Palmer.

Rodgers would fit in nicely


The Cleveland Browns released nose tackle Shaun Rodgers on Wednesday in a salary saving move as he was scheduled to make $5.5 million in 2011.

Considering what the Bills like to do on defense Rodgers would fit in nicely.

Rodgers before being traded to the Browns played for the Detroit Lions who use a 4-3 defense.  That means Rodgers has extensive experience in both formations and being only 32 years old Rodgers still has a lot left in the tank.

With the Bills wanting to use a multiple front defense Rodgers would be a nice upgrade for the Bills at nose tackle. That would then allow Williams to rotate in with Marcus Stroud and Dwan Edwards at defensive end.

What the addition of Rodgers would do is allow the Bills to focus fully on a quarterback, trade down or even take a cornerback.

However, this is all contingent and how the Bills feel about nose tackles Torell Troup and Kellen Heard. Troup saw some extensive action in the second half of the season last year, so he could be ready to take the next step.  Heard the Bills signed late in the season off the Oakland Raiders practice squad as he was stuck behind defensive lineman Tommy Kelly and Richard Seymour.

In the end, hopefully the Bills make the right choices to improve the defense.

NFL needs to drop the 18 game season


The National Football League has been pushing for an 18 game regular season with two preseason games.

After how the Superbowl played out the NFL needs to drop that.

What convinced me is just how players on the Green Bay Packers were dropping like flies throughout the regular season. Also, the playing surface that is commonly used in today’s NFL  stadiums doesn’t help either as field turf feels like padded concrete.

Obviously, the NFL isn’t just going to come out and state that openly for the simple reason that they can use it as a bargaining chip against the players. The most likely concession the players will have to make is the amount of money that gets allocated to the salary cap.

In the end, there are more issues at hand like testing and all sorts of stuff, but if the two can work something out on the schedule and how much players will get the rest should be easy.

Please not the white


The Buffalo Bills announced Wednesday that they will be changing their uniforms

From what WGR’s Jeremy White is reporting all i got to say is please not the white!

Apparently, the uniform is most likely going to be a white helmet with their signature charging buffalo with the old AFL uniforms. Just hearing about the white helmet is depressing enough. I don’t mind white being incorporated into the a color scheme, but just not a major part of it.

For gods sake all they had to do is go back to their old uniforms before they changed in 2002 and people would be happy as pigs in mud. However, if they were to get rid of the white road uniforms people probably be happier.

If it were up to me the helmet would be the same with the home jersey being the old AFL jersey and white pants and the away jersey would be red with white pants. I’ll try to photo shop some images to get a general feel about it.

I know the white pants sound hypocritical, but to me pants are secondary as the true face of an National Football League team is the helmet.

In the end, if the Bills are going to change the smart thing would be to give the fans several options in helmet jerseys and pants and go with whatever the fans decide.