NFL compensation to fans still not good enough


Over 400 National Football League fans lost their ability to see the Superbowl after some temporary seating was deemed not safe.

Even though the NFL is giving those fans two options that appear to be pretty good they are still not enough.

Usually, when a business screws up they will completely compensate the customer for their problems. For a multi-billion dollar business to not step up to the plate and fully compensate the people is just disturbing and this is all justified by a little disclaimer on the back of the ticket.

The thing is that anything less than being full compensated for the trip isn’t enough, because this was a once in a lifetime experience and these people missed out on it.

What makes the whole story even more maddening is that the NFL knew about the issue way in advance, but decided to keep quiet in hopes that things would work out. Usually, when a business does that it only makes them look even more guiltier.

The second option of a free ticket to a future Superbowl of their choosing, air fare and hotel accommodations is pretty good, but it still doesn’t go far enough. If they were to throw the $2,400 on top of the off than one could say that is fair compensation, because the monetary compensation covers the expenses from this year’s trip.

In the end, if the NFL doesn’t cough up the money to fairly compensate theses fans you can sure bet the courts will.