Superbowl came down to game plan


Most people by now know that the Green Bay Packers won the Superbowl due to three turnovers by the Pittsburgh Steelers offense.

What the game really came down to was the Steelers game plan on offense.

The Steelers came out with a balanced attack on Sunday by throwing just as much as passing. That proved to be costly as Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was scorching hot in the first half.

What the Steelers should have done is just run the football down the Packers throat.  That in turn would have limited the amount of time that Rodgers would have had on the field.

You have to wonder if Steelers defensive coordinator Dick Lebeau had any input on the offensive game plan since the Packers defense is virtually the same.

In the end, as much as people want to blame Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger some of the blame has to be put on the coaches, because the Steelers were not prepared.

QB isn’t Bills problem


Many people are now thinking that the Buffalo Bills need a quarterback Sunday’s Superbowl.

A much as people may want a new quarterback drafting another won’t solve anything.

You couldn’t ask for much more from a quarterback than what current starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick did in 13 starts as he threw for 3,00 yards passing with 23 touchdowns and 15 interceptions. There is no doubt in my mind that if Fitpatrick would have played in every single game he would be in the top 10 of most of the quarterback stats. If he did Fitzpatrick would have thrown for 3,693 yards passing (10th in NFL) 29 touchdowns (6th) and 19 interceptions.

The Bills problems lies on the defensive side of the football as the defense just couldn’t get off the field last year. The Bills defense allowed teams to hold onto the football for more than 33 minutes a game.

The simple fact is that your not going to win many football games by allowing your opponents to control the football. That forces the offense to take more chances turn and that leads to turnovers, which is why Fitzpatrick has so many.

In the end, if the Bills can get another stud defensive lineman that can crate havoc the Bills will be right in the middle of the race for the division title in 2011.