Reed is more than deserving


Another year has come and gone for former Buffalo Bills wide receiver Andre Reed to voted into the Hall of Fame as once again he was passed on.

However, Reed is more than deserving.

When I look back upon the late 1980s and 90s when it comes to wide receivers I think of two people and that are Jerry Rice and Andre Reed. Yes, Michael Irvin was also in that time period, but no single two players had an impact on the game like they did.

Reed and Rice changed the way wide receivers attacked defenses as their agility and speed made them dangerous weapons after they caught the football. All it took was one missed tackle and Reed could take it to the house.

Also, whenever there was a Bills playoff game at that time you can bet that number 83 was going to right in the middle of it. Reed was so dangerous that in Superbowl XXVI the Washington Redskins made it a point of emphasis to hit Reed hard and right away as he caught the football, so that he couldn’t get extra yards after the catch.

In the end, Reed will get in and now with tight end Shannon Sharpe in the Hall of Fame Reed should be the next pass catcher in.