It doesn’t matter where the Superbowl is held


According to the Dallas Morning News, via Pro Football Talk, in Dallas six people were injured when they were hit by ice that fell of the roof of Cowboys Stadium.

It just goes to show it doesn’t matter where the Superbowl is there are always problems that will arise.

The Superbowl has become the marquee event here in America next to Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving. The reason being that football is the biggest sport here and is the one holiday of the year where drinking is apart of the event. If a person were to drink on one of the other three their significant other would probably give them a tongue lashing and make them sleep on the couch.

With thousands of football fans converging each year at the site of the Superbowl there are bound to be problems. Usually, there is one National Football League player, whose team is participating in the Superbowl, who will get busted for something. The most likely bet is for prostitution as guys do have needs that must be fullfilled.

NFL experts time and time again say that the Superbowl should be a celebration of the game, thus is should be played on a warm weather field. However, some of the most memorable games have been played in the cold.  The most recent example being the January 28, 2008 NFC Conference Championship game between the New York Giants and the Green Bay Packers that went to overtime.

In the end, it is not about the weather or any of the stuff leading up to the game it is the game itself between the two best teams in the NFL that year going toe to toe.

A true hero


Bullying happens each day throughout the world and unfortunately Upper Darby, Pa. high school student Nadin Khoury found that out the hard way.

What Khoury’s did after the incident makes him a true hero.

Khoury was bullied by seven teenagers whose ages ranged from 13-17. The kids dragged Khoury across a yard by his feet and then hung him on the fence.

The kids were arrested after it was discovered that they taped the whole incident. The boys were charged with kidnapping, assault, unlawful restraint and recklessly endangering another person.

Khoury and his parents were guest on ABC’s ” The View,” via Pro Football Talk, to tell his story about how bullying is such a problem due to schools not doing anything. Well the young man got a surprise on the show as Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Desean Jackson, center Jamaal Jackson and guard Todd Herremans came out from the back to greet him and give him some gifts.

Jackson gave Khoury a autographed jersey, Jackson gave him a gift basket full of gifts and Herremans gave him tickets to see any Eagles game next year. Also, the three said that they were one phone call away if he ever needed help.

What makes him a hero is that he is confronting the issue knowing full well that there may be consequences from other kids.

In the end, hopefully Khoury’s appearance on “The View” will inspire more kids that re being bullied to step up and not tolerate what is going on to them by going to every adult that they know until someone listens and does something.