Snyder proves why the Redskins are a mess


Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder has developed a reputation for being a hot head that meddles too much with his team.

Well Snyder proved that to be very true with his latest antics.

According to the Washington Post, via Pro Football Talk, Snyder is threatening legal action against the Washington City Paper due to an article written by Dave McKenna that chronicled all his failings. In addition to seeking legal action Snyder has asked for McKenna’s dismisal.

It goes to show how stupid Snyder is as if just kept quiet the everyone would have forgotten all about the article. However, even more people will now read the article thanks to this.

In the end, until Snyder gets his temper under control the Redskins will never be great.

Nice job people


For some reason over the last several years whenever a big winter storm is predicted all the schools and a lot of businesses shut down like the world is about to end. That was the case Tuesday evening in preparation for Tuesday night-Wednesday morning gargantuan snow storm.

Considering the results of this snow storms nice job people (please note the sarcasm).

The news outlets here in Buffalo were all predicting eight to 16 inches worth of snow for northern Western New York. That was based on what happened in the Midwest as Chicago got slammed.

So, what do you think was the result this morning when you looked out the window? Of course at most three inches with a little bit of all the sleet, but nothing that would have caused schools to close.

WECK’s Brad Riter made a great point during his Tuesday show asking what happened to letting it snow first and then cancel things. He is right ever since the snow storm on November 20th, 2000 that left Buffalo Public School children stranded in school buses there is this better safe than sorry mentality.

What has happened to good old fashioned common sense? This is Buffalo, NY not Charlotte, NC where three inches of snow cancels school.

We are use to being able to drive through snow storms that bring several inches an hour, because we know and understand that as long as you take it slow and brake earlier than usual you will be fine. Obviously, it is a little bit more difficult for school buses and trucks, but they as well can usually navigate through storms.

The thing that really irks me is that right on WGRZ’s website there is an interactive Doppler radar that lets you zoom out and see the weather for all of North America. Also, if a person just studies the direction of a storm and its speed one can usually tell how bad it is and how long it will take to pass.

A little bit before going to bed last night I looked at the radar and could tell that it wasn’t going to be as bad it was fast moving and heading in a north east direction. The way that storms usually get bad here in Buffalo is when a storm is moving west to east and is coming off a open Lake Erie.

In the end, is it to much to ask for a disclaimer from the weather people stating that it is a forecast and might not exactly happen at the end of the weather segment?

NFLPA better get cracking


The National Football League Players Association was hoping to stop owners from receiving a line of credit, but that didn’t happen.

So, if the players want a fair collective bargaining agreement they better get cracking.

According to Pro Football Talk, National Football League Special Master Stephen Burbank has ruled that the NFL has had the right to structure the current television contracts in a manner that still pays them money if there isn’t any football in 2011. Essentially, it is a line of credit on future years payment that they have to pay back with interest.

The fact of the matter is now the NFL owners have money to pay their bills while some players will not get a single penny as their contracts will expire at the end of the season. Many teams won’t want to sign their players due to all the uncertainty of have no new CBA.

The only way that the players are going to get a fair deal and that is sitting down with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and having constant discussion before it is too late.

In the end, hopefully the ruling will be the catalyst for getting something done before the start of the new year in March.