Bills should go after Jenkins


According to the New York Daily News, via Pro Football Talk, the New York Jets have released nose tackle Kris Jenkins.

If the Bills were smart they get on the phone right now and go after Jenkins.

Jenkins was a dominant force for the Jets when he was healthy for the team, but unfortunately he suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament injury two straight years. Still that shouldn’t force him from returning to form.

In most instances two ACL injuries are career ending as the player loses a considerable amount of speed. However, the nose tackle position is a different case as it is more about power.

Power is the main element, because nose tackles usually have to face double teams. That means they have to have a considerable amount of leg strength to not get pushed around by the double team. It is an added bonus if the player can get some penetration.

If the Bills were to sign Jenkins it would allow the Bills to go in different directions with the third overall pick.

Some players just don’t learn


Time and time again National Football League Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith has told players that they need to save money.

However, some players haven’t learned at all.

According to the Philadelphia Sports Daily, via Pro Football Talk, multiple players have asked Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham for money. Teammates have approached him about the subject all jokingly, but in actuality they are serious. Graham says no to them, because he doesn’t want a problem with a teammate.

To be honest I’m not surprised as time and time again we hear about NFL players making millions of dollars, but having to file bankruptcy due to bad investments, alimony, child support or just blowing it.

The main question that I keep asking myself when I hear these stories is why do NFL players deserve the type of money they get when they are just going to blow it on cars, houses, jewelry or expensive bottles of champagne.

In the end the money should go to the people that really deserve it and those are the retired players that made it into what it is today.

Is change coming for the HOF?


The Hall of Fame selection process this year came under fire with the selection of NFL Films founder Ed Sabol into the HOF.

With the intense scrutiny could change finally becoming to the HOF.

Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, who is one of the 44 member selection committee, addressed the issue on the problems of the selection process, according to Pro Football Talk. Bouchette went on to say that the process is in need of an overhaul and that the Hall of Fame is apparently listening as it has asked the selection committee for ideas on possible changes.

It is a start as there were just too many worthy member left out in the cold in former offensive tackle Willie Roaf, center Dermontti Dawson and wide receiver Andre Reed.

Bouchette revealed that a meeting took place in Indianapolis between other voters. Some of the suggestions by the members have been more transparency in regards to the voting, creation of categories so that people like Sabol won’t run into players and expanding the number of voters.

In the end, whatever the Hall of Fame decides to do is better than nothing as change has been long overdue.



What to believe?


It is that time of season in the National Football League where teams will sometimes say stuff that is an out right lie to protect their chances at drafting the guy they want in April.

So, what should we believe from the Bills?

Hearing Bills head coach Chan Gailey my first feeling was like I was in the latest Wendy’s commercial and someone just slapped me across the face. Last night I though for sure they are going to take someone on defense.

Then this morning things changed after I hear ESPN’s Adam Schefter on ESPN Radio’s “The Herd” with Colin Cowherd. That being it will depend on who goes first and second overall and if there is a collective bargaining agreement.

In regards to the CBA without one teams are locked into the slot they are drafting. However, if there is a new CBA then things could revert back to how it was 10 years ago.

Before rookie contracts got out of hand at the top of the Draft, teams traded up and down a lot as teams were willing to part with more draft picks to move up. That changed when contracts went up, because teams didn’t want to deal with giving rookies that type of money.

What it also means with a new CBA is that there will most likely be a couple of trades to move into first and second overall to take a quarterback. If that were to happen then the Bills would be defenitely drafting someone on defense.

On the flip side if Auburn defensive lineman Nick Fairley and Clemson defensive lineman Da’qaun Bowers were to go first and second overall the Bills will most likely take a quarterback.

Now, I know that Gailey stated that he prefers a quarterback that has played in a pro style offense, but that doesn’t mean anything. If the Bills feel that Newton is going to be special they are going to take him.

In the end, right now there are too many variables to definitively tell who the Bills will draft.

Ryan just doesn’t get it


New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan once again spouted off that his team will win the Superbowl in a press conference at the Combine in Indianapolis.

Clearly Ryan doesn’t get it.

After every Superbowl loss the then Buffalo Bills starting quarterback Jim Kelly would say in a interview that they are going back to the Superbowl, and are going to win it. They did get to the Superbowl four straight years, but never won a single one. The reason being they committed to many turnovers in the last three and the first one everyone knows what happened that game.

The fact is Rex Ryan can say all that he wants, but it won’t mean anything if he doesn’t have his players better prepared. Along with his coordinators having better game plans on both sides of the football.

A team wins the Superbowl when the coaches put a solid game plan together and the players did their homework on the tendencies of the other team.

In the end, until his players start preparing as hard as Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady do for every single game they will never win a Superbowl let alone get to one.

It doesn’t mean anything


Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallet impressed people when he threw the football at the Combine in Indianapolis Sunday.

The thing is that doesn’t mean a thing to National Football League teams.

Mallet’s biggest question was about his maturity and his potential drug use. Mallet did nothing to dispel either of those by walking out in the middle of his press conference Saturday.

If anything it confirms that Mallet isn’t mature enough for the NFL. The only way Mallet will work out is riding the bench for a couple years and then get a chance to start.

As for the NFL Draft in April Mallet will be lucky to be pick in the second round. Most likely a team will take a chance on him in the third or fourth round, but definitely no earlier than that. The reason being is that Mallet is too much of a risk to do so as there is a good chance he will get into trouble somehow.

In the end, actions speak louder than words and Mallet’s actions Saturday has just lost him millions of dollars.

Not coming to a theater near you


The movie “There Will Be Blood” was released in 2007 and received many accolades from movie critics, which included eight Academy Award nominations two of which they won.

Well the sequel is coming out, but it isn’t coming to a theater near you.

The sequel will be held in the court rooms and the negotiating tables between National Football League owners and the National Football League Players Association. The reason being that the NFLPA will decertify by Thursday, according to ESPN. If the NFLPA doesn’t by Thursday then they cannot do so again until six months after the collective bargaining agreement expires.

What decertifying will do is allow the NFLPA to seek an injunction against the owner to prevent them from commencing a lockout. If the NFLPA wins their case the NFL would then have to implement their last proposal as the rules until a new CBA is reached.

If this were to happen free agency any which way will be delayed to allow teams to adjust to the new rules and make decisions on their free agents based on them. Fans can expect free agency to open somewhere from the end of March to the beginning of April.

With things now heading to court things are going to get down right nasty. The question will then be which side will blink first?

In the end, it is pretty clear that the reason the NFL is the biggest sports league in America is due to the drama never ending year round.


The trend will continue


In the National Football League quarterback has become the single most important position of a franchise and that trend has mirrored itself in the NFL Draft as only three of the last 13 first overall picks weren’t quarterbacks.

You can expect the trend to continue this year.

The biggest question revolving around the NFL Draft this year is who will go first overall after Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck decided to return to school as many thought if he came out he would be the first pick overall easily. That picture became clearer Friday on ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd show when ESPN’s Adam Schefter appeared on it.

Schefter posed the question if your the Carolina Panthers, you have the number one overall pick what do you do to two different football minds who are respected in the football industry, whose teams don’t need quarterbacks, both said they would take a quarterback first overall. One said Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert and the other said Aunurn quarterback Cam Newton.

The fact is that there is no one single player that stands out head and shoulders above the rest. So that brings it back to this single question what position is the hardest to find a starter for and has the most impact on your team. The answer is quarterback and is the reason why so many quarterbacks have gone first overall in recent years.

In the end, the only way the Panthers are going to take someone other than a quarterback is if they are sure that quarterback Jimmy Clausen will turn out to be great and this year’s first overall pick will be as well.



Back to reality


Many people were hopeful going into the seven straight days of talks with a mediator between National Football League owners and NFLPA representatives would result into a new collective bargaining agreement, or at the very least be close to one.

With the talks now over NFL fans have been slapped back to reality.

George H. Cohen of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services released a statement, via Pro Football Talk,  that squashed fans hopes.

“Some progress was made,”  Cohen said, “but very strong differences remain on the all-important core issues that separate the parties.”

To be honest I am not surprised as we’re talking about a group of owners that walked out on the NFLPA during negotiations earlier this month. Let’s not forget the heal dragging by the NFLPA to the negotiating table as talks should have started last month, but the NFLPA dragged its heals to see if they would win their claim in the lockout insurance.

Mediated negotiations are set to resume March 1st, but lets face it it won’t be until the end of March at the earliest that a new CBA will be struck.

In the end, there will be a regular season the question is will free agency come before or after the NFL Draft in April.

Will the Bills go after Shockey?


The New Orleans Saints cut tight end Jeremy Shockey Tuesday after three lack luster years with the team.

So, the question is will the Buffalo Bills go after Shockey?

The Buffalo Bills already had a free agent visit from free agent safeties Bob Sanders and OJ Atowage. That means there is a pretty good possibility that Shockey will at least give the Bills a visit

The Bills do have tight end Shawn Nelson on the roster, but Shockey will do is create more mismatches in coverage.

For example, the Bills could line up in a two wide receiver set with two tight ends and a single running back on first down and 10. A defense would just send out a base package with two cornerbacks and two safeties. The next part is on the quarterback to make the play successful.

From there you can motion the one tight end off the line of scrimmage in motion. This would reveal if the defense is in zone coverage or man to man. If it is zone the linebackers would just shift over while in man coverage the defender who is assigned to him will follow him.

At this point it is up to the quarterback to recognize what coverage the defense is in and where the matchups are.

What people need to take into consideration with Shockey is that he wasn’t the first option on the Saint, nor the second. Those were wide receivers Marques Colston and Lance Moore while Shockey was the third.

In the end, with Shockey turning 31 in August signing him would be a worth while risk.