Barnett and Finley are right


Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers sound off on the issue of injured reserve players originally not planned to be a part of the team photo, which was later reversed by the team.

The fact is Barnett and Finley are right on the issue.

Rodgers was asked Saturday during an interview of what he thought about the situation 0f the injured reserve players not originally appearing in the team photo. Rodgers stated that he was put on injured reserve in 2006 and still stuck around. Basically, Rodgers said that if they want to be apart of the festivities they need to be around the team daily.

After hearing Rodgers comments Barnett fired right back.  “Well looks like people have something to say about where some people choose to do there rehab. Try rehabbing with 16 others then 53 more.”

The Packers only have six athletic trainers and athletic trainers only over see that the injured part of a player’s body gets it full range of motion and to a level of strength of that of a normal person. Getting the muscles back to the strength level they were before the injury is the strength and conditioning coaches job and there are only three of them on the Packers.

The thing is one wrong move can set back a player for months and people making as much money as football players are making should be getting individual attention. However, Packer players cannot do that with 16 players on injured reserve.

If anybody deserves criticism it is Rodgers for spouting off to the media. Rodgers before spouting off should have called Barnett and talked about it. Then if Barnett was still spouting off then Rodgers should have gone to the press.

In the end, it shows that Rodgers has his head so far up his ass it will take until sometime next week to get it out.

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