Just bring it


Buffalo Bills strong safety Donte Whitner recently challenged the author of the website BuffaloSportsdaily.com’s Pat Moran to a fight for charity.

Well if Moran is unwilling to step to the challenge then in the words of the Rock “just bring it” Donte, because I am more than willing to step up to the challenge.

It is pretty pathetic that Whitner is even challenging Moran in the first place. The Bills defense for several years now has just been outright pathetic, especially the run defense.

Football is a team sport and everyone on the defensive side of the football shares the blame for its horrible play. The question is now who is doing their individual job and Whitner isn’t doing his completely.

I’ll admit that Whitner has done a good job in regards to the run defense by recording 140 tackles, which was fifth in the entire National Football League. However, when it comes to pass defense Whitner hasn’t made enough plays as he has only one interception. Yeah, part of the problem was that the Bills had no pass rush, but still great players go out and make plays.

In the end, the only person that thinks Whitner is one of the best safeties in the NFL is Whitner himself.