Cutler cannot have cortisone


Many National Football League fans are debating over whether Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is tough enough for the NFL.

Well Cutler’s situation is not like most players, because he cannot have cortisone injections.

A caller relayed to WGR 550’s morning show that¬† Cutler cannot have cortisone injections due to the fact that it causes high blood sugar in people with diabetics. The caller also stated that this combine with the release of epinephrine by the adrenal gland would have caused Cutler to fall into a coma.

Talking with a member of the medical community that is indeed the case with people who are insulin dependent.  The source also went on to state that most teams use a combination of lidocaine and cortisone to help treat injuries. After some research, the reason for that is the two treat two different things.

Lidocaine is used to help block signals to the brain to numb the pain from the injury while cortisone then treats inflammation.

So, with Cutler unable to take cortisone that means he can only take straight lidocaine injections. Therefore with no cortisone, when Cutler’s knee was injured, his knee swelled up and that greatly reduced his mobility.

With Cutler unable to move his leg very well even his mobility within the pocket was compromised and the main reason why Cutler was just so god awful. Also, that is most likely the reason why Cutler pulled himself.

In the end, as Paul Harvey use to say here…is the rest of the story.