Only in Buffalo


When you ask a person what first comes to mind when you mention the city of Buffalo many people think of the snow, cold, wide right and no goal.

So, it is not surprising that the city is getting some national spotlight for something so stupid.

It was first reported by the Buffalo News that Buffalo Sabre forward Rob Niedermayer’s name was spelled wrong on his jersey for the last three games. It was then subsequently picked up by Yahoo Sports on Friday.

Why is that Buffalo only gets national attention for something negative?

Hopefully, when the Superbowl comes around Buffalo will get some positive attention for once by the way of Green Bay Packers running back James Starks who is the current starter for the Packers and was a sixth round pick in this past April’s National Football League Draft. After that it is anyone body’s guess when the next does of positive news comes along.

In the end, hopefully either the Sabres or the Buffalo Bills will turn thing around soon, because it sure is getting frustrating watch these teams lose time and time again.

Bengals would be foolish not to trade Palmer


Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown confirmed that quarterback Carson Palmer requested a trade, but that he denied stating that he was too important to the teams plans.

With the current state the team is in the Bengals would be foolish not to trade Palmer.

Palmer is 31 years old and still has a lot of good years left. He proved that this year as he threw 3,920 yards passing with 26 touchdowns and 20 interceptions on a team that went 4-12.

The problem with the Bengals is that they didn’t have a running game this year and the defense isn’t that good. They may have found a stud defensive end in rookie Carlos Dunlap who had 9.5 sacks this year in a reserve role.

However, they still are far away as they need more defensive players to overtake the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens to make the playoffs. Trading Palmer away could do just that while they draft another quarterback in the first round.

In the end, the Bengals are better off trading Palmer as if he returns a circus will follow him everywhere.