Cutler decision was tough but right


Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler decided to take himself out of the game in the third quarter of the NFC Conference Championship Game after suffering a knee injury at some point during the game.

As tough as Cutler’s decision was it was the right one

Cutler up to that point was ineffective as he completed six of 14 passes for 80 yards passing and a interception. To pretty much sum it up Cutler out right just stunk.

However, since it is the NFC Championship many former and current National Football League players are questioning his heart. If anything Cutler has one of the biggest hearts in the NFL and also shows what a team player Cutler is.

If he was playing well Cutler just like any other athlete would have toughed it out. However, he wasn’t and was also hurt, so rather than be selfish and tough it out Cutler made a tough choice to step aside and see if someone else can spark the offense.

That exactly happened as after backup Todd Collins was yanked for also being ineffective Bears third string quarterback Caleb Hanie came in and led the Bears to a touchdown and had the Bear driving for the tying touchdown, but a interception sealed the Bears fate.

Its not chicken to step aside for a backup as they are paid to be able to come in and perform for an injured or ineffective player.

In the end, it’s hypocritical to bash a player for not being tough when it is that very same mentality that everyone is trying to break for sake of athletes long term health.