It’s Wannstedts defense now


Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey after the season stated that George Edwards would remain the defensive coordinator in 2011.

However, with former Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins head coach Dave Wannstedt, according to Fox Sports via Pro Football Talk, you can be sure it is his defense now.

Many people in the media may say that Wannstedt joining the Bills may be surprising. However, if you look at the big picture Wannstedt decision makes sense.

The other two teams that were interested in Wannstedt services were the Cleveland Browns and Carolina Panthers. Two unproven rookie head coaches in Browns head coach Pat Shurmur and Panthers head coach Ron Rivera. Gailey on the other hand he knows to be one of the best in the National Football League on the offensive side of the football and the two together make a very formidable pair.

You can basically say that with Wannstedt being hired as the assistant head coach and linebackers coach he is Gailey’s co-head coach as he will oversee the entire defense. That would also mean what formation and who calls the plays on defense will be left up to Wannstedt.

In the end, it may be only the beginning of the offseason, but for Bills fans things are already heating up.