There is a fine line when it comes to reporting


When it comes to reporting the news there are countless stories that never hit the news stands or airways as it is a balancing act with sources.

Unfortunately, ESPN’s Bob Holtzman never learned that lesson

According to the USA Today, via Pro Football Talk, before the divisional round game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens Holtzman reported that the Steelers have a trick play ready to go if they catch the Ravens in the right defense. For those who would like to be journalist in the future take some notes.

For those who aspire to be a journalist within the National Football League, or sports in general, never reveal what a team will do in a game before it happens, especially if you don’t have the permission to go with it on air. The reason being is that if you anger your sources their is a distinct possibility that they will no longer be sources for you.

So, it is not a surprise that Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin took a shot at Holtzman when talking to the media today as Holtzman asked if Tomlin how much extra time is needed to prepare for the Jets defense.

“It depends on whether or not you give him my plays, you know,” Tomlin said with steely eyes and without elaboration, according to the USA Today.

In the end, when reporting on a sporting event don’t be an idiot and pull a Holtzman.

It doesn’t look good


The National Football League Players Association have been trying to keep the status quo when it comes to the collective bargaining agreement.

However, after two recent announcements by two separate teams it doesn’t look good for the players.

According to Pro Football Talk, the San Diego Chargers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have both announced that they are cutting the prices on tickets.

The Chargers announced on Wednesday that they will be cutting 15 percent off the price 6,500 in the “View Level” end zone seats of Qualcomm stadium. The Buccaneers on Tuesday announced that tickets for adults in various sections will be reduced by up to 31 percent. Also, for season ticket holders parking and concession stands will also be reduced.

If a team has to reduce prices to get fans to fill the seats that means fans in the market are tapped out. That also means businesses in the market are close to being tapped out if not already.

In the end, if the NFLPA wants to keep jobs they are going to have to make major economic concessions.

Ahanotu is another example of a messed up system


Time and time again I hear countless stories on the radio and on the internet of how men get taken to the dry cleaners in divorce court.

Former Buffalo Bills defensive lineman Chidi Ahanotu is just another example of a broken system.

Ahanotu on Tuesday was ordered by Judge Elizabeth Rice to surrender his 2002 NFC Championship ring he earned while with the Saint Louis Rams to pay for his ex-wife’s attorney fees of more than $130 thousand. The order is just simply outrageous.

No price can ever be put on something like that as the sentimental value of it far outweighs the fee’s.  What irks me though is that no other alternative was given to Ahanotu to pay off the debt.

According to the Tampa Tribune, via Pro Football Talk, Ahanotu has stated that he doesn’t have that type of money anymore.  The last time Ahanotu played in the NFL was in 2004 for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. So, it is not surprising that Ahanotu doesn’t have a lot of money as National Football League players and their families live extravagant life styles and once they retire all their money is gone within years to help maintain that kind of lifestyle

The other thing that bugs me is that there are countless programs out there that offers very little to no payment for legal help. So, to pay for a decision that a former spouse makes is just down right wrong.

In the end, now we know why NFL players are so greedy, because they have to thanks to their wives and ex-wives.

Wang’s development will affect the draft


The Buffalo Bills need a right tackle as the signing of offensive tackle Cornell Green was a complete disaster.

The Bills decision on whether or not to draft a offensive tackle early in the draft will come down to the development of offensive tackle Ed Wang.

Wang missed some time last year due to a hand injury that required surgery. However, it was not season ending and that allowed him to be active for six games last year.

The Bills seem to be good at drafting tackle later in the draft and developing them into quality starters.  They done so with former Bill Jason Peters and current starting left tackle Demetrius Bell.

With collective bargaining negotiations not doing so well there might not be a free agency period to help address the need immediately with a veteran.  That means the Bills best choice is Wang as he knows the Bills playbook and will have a whole offseason of strength and conditioning.

In the end, Bills fans may want to take a offensive tackle high, but that most likely won’t happen, especially if they go with a quarterback with the third overall pick in April.