The owners would be right to cancel


According to Pro Football Talk, the on going collective bargaining negotiations between National Football League owners and players have taken a turn for the worst as the NFLPA has filed collusion charges against the owners.

If the owners were to cancel the 2011 season they would be right to do so.

The current system in place is just down right awful. The only way a team with a small revenue stream like the Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars can make money is if their stadium is paid off.

However, that might not even be enough in a few years under the current system as revenue for the Bills and Jaguars doesn’t rise as fast as the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins who two of the top revenue earners. The Cowboys and Redskins have such a demand for their premium seating that they can raises prices each year. That in turn raises the salary cap for all 32 teams even though they may not be able to pay it.

What will happen under the current system is that teams with small revenue streams will file bankruptcy left and right to alleviate debt. That could lead to a team moving as the team could then be up for sale as well.

In the end, as much as a canceled season would suck it would be the right thing to do if the players don’t budge.