Take note Bills fans


The New England Patriots have always had one of the top offenses in the National Football League with Tom Brady at quarterback, but it is evident that doesn’t matter in the playoffs if you don’t have a defense.

So, take note Bills fans as the problem with this team isn’t the offense.

The simple fact of the matter is the Bills can make the playoffs next year if they find some playmakers on the defense. They could have that if outside linebacker Arthur Moats develops into the type of player that we got glimpses of last year and if fellow outside linebacker Shawn Merriman returns to form.

What the Bills lack are some difference makers up the middle. Nose tackle Kyle Williams can be a difference maker as he had a career year, but many of the plays he made were against single teams.  That means he is more suited to play defensive end in a 3-4 than at the nose.

Fortunately the Bills have some flexibility at the nose tackle department as they draft Torell Troup and a massive human being in Kellen Heard. So, that leaves the middle linebacker position.

The Bills have one decent linebacker in Paul Posluszny, but they need another one to go along with him and they can do with the fourth overall pick in the second round.

In the end, hopefully being near the top of all the rounds will allow the Bills to finally grab some talent.

Brady’s time at the top is over


The New York Jets this week was talking the talk and Sunday they walked the walk as the beat the New England Patriots to advance to the AFC Championship game.

However, the bigger story is that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s time at the top is over with.

The big difference in this ball game was the defense.  The Jets defense came to play as they took it to the Patriots offense who amazingly really had no answer too. The Patriots defense got manhandled as they allowed over 100 yards rushing.

Brady will be 34 next year and the Patriots look no closer to having the difference makers they had on defense when they won their three Superbowls.  Say what you want about former Patriots linebacker Teddy Bruschi, but the fact is that he was a big playmaker for the defense, along with fellow linebacker Mike Vrabel and defensive lineman Richard Seymour.

It is not coincidence that with all three gone the Patriots defense is a mere shadow of itself.

In the end, unless they hit the jackpot with the 17th pick in this upcoming April’s National Football League Draft the Patriots won’t be making the Superbowl anytime soon.

No excuse for Rodgers


According to Pro Football Talk, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers blew right by a women who was obviously just previously a cancer patient.

There is simply no excuse for what Rodgers did.

The incident took place after flying back from Atlanta. Rodgers just blew right by her without even taking a moment to acknowledge her.

Some people have stated that he had his earphones in so he probably didn’t see her. That is a load of crap as the lady stuck her hat right out in front of Rodgers and the person that was right next to him to say no thanks.

Thankfully, Packers linebacker Clay Mathews stopped and treated her with the respect that she deserved.

In the end, Mathews and other Packers teammates need to slap Rodgers upside the head and teach the man a lesson that being a quarterback in the National Football League isn’t a god given right, but something earned through winning the respect of fellow teammates and fans.

Bears investment pays off


Last year it looked like Chicago Bears made a bad move in trading for quarterback Jay Cutler.

However, this year the investment in Cutler has paid off as the Bears have advanced to the NFC Conference Championship game.

The Bears easily defeated a banged up Seattle Seahawks team by the score of 35-24.

Cutler was solid on the day completing 15 of 28 passes for 274 yards passing and two touchdowns. If your going to get to the Superbowl you need your quarterback playing like that.

However, the Bears have a big test in the form of the Green Bay Packers who defeated the Atlanta Falcons Saturday.

In the end, the game will come down to whoever makes more mistakes between Cutler and Rodgers and who that will be is anyone’s guess.