Gabbert will be scrutinized


Last week Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey stated in an interview on WEDG, via the Buffalo News, that they would consider all their options at third overall.

With quarterback being very much on the board it means that Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert will be scrutinized by the Bills.

Gailey said it best himself in the interview that you don’t pick this high in the National Football League Draft that often.

“No I wouldn’t say that at all,” Gailey said, when asked on WEDG if a QB at No. 3 is not a consideration. “What has got to happen is you’ve got to understand that I think Fitz is a really good quarterback and I think he can take our team to the playoffs. But if you’ve got a chance to get a guy that you think for 10 years, 12 years, is going to be the guy, Fitz is moving on up in years, too. How many years do you expect us to draft No. 3 and be able to get a guy like that, Even if you put him under wraps for a year or two while you’re grooming him? You have to consider that. We’re not in here thinking about just short term, next year, what can we do for the Buffalo Bills? Buddy and I are committed to the long-term success of the Buffalo Bills.”

As much as I hate to say it Gailey is right and Gabbert is arguably the best quarterback available and may be their best option. With Fairley starting to look like not a smart option the only other real viable solution for the Bills is Clemson defensive end Da’Quan Bowers.

In the end, if the Bills do take Gabbert they better be right, because Bills fans won’t let them forget that they want defense.

Bills should pass on Fairley


The Buffalo Bills need playmakers on defense so you think that taking Auburn defensive lineman Nick Fairley would be a smart move.

Apparently not as the Bills should pass on him.

In the National Football League a player has to have a burning desire to want to succeed, especially in the early stages in their career.  However, if there is any reason that a player doesn’t want to be with a particular team then their development can be greatly compromised.

That would be the case if the Bills took Fairley as according to Chris Brown of the Bills website Fairley has stated that it when asked what team he would like to play for, “it doesn’t matter as long as it is not cold.”

No team at the top of the National Football League Draft is going to take a player if there is any inkling that he doesn’t want to play there. The reason being it would be a complete public relations disaster and would hurt ticket sales greatly.

Fairley’s statement is pretty stupid as after the Carolina Panthers the next warm weather team is the Arizona Cardinals at fifth overall. The next team after that is the Dallas Cowboys at ninth.

That means Fairley would stand to lose millions of dollars with or without a rookie cap.

In the end, the Bills need talented dedicated football players and not dumbasses like Fairley.