It is not when you die that matters


Today I heard the news like many other have from WECK’s Nick Mendola that WGR 550 reporter Paul Hamilton lost his wife on Thursday as she apparently lost a long battle with something.

The thing I learned through the tragedy that has happened in my life is it is not a matter of when you die, but how you live your life.

I lost my father over a year and a half ago to prostate cancer and I never knew my grandfather on my dad’s side as he passed away before I was even born.  Then when I was a teenager I lost my other grandfather just shortly after my mom became ill.

What I learned is that people remember lost loved ones by the lasting memories and accomplishments they have achieved. Obviously, the greater the moment the more likely you are going to remember it.

The lasting memory I have of my father is from the Bills greatest comeback in 1993.

At halftime my father asked if I wanted to leave, but I said no as it was still early.  I then suggested that we stay through the third quarter to see what they would do, and then if nothing changed then leave. Obviously, we never left as they came back to beat the Houston Oilers in overtime.

I remember it as it was one of the few times that my father listened to me. It was also one of the very few times that I prevailed within a conversation as my father was very stubborn.

In the end, remember that death isn’t the end, but just the beginning of a person’s journey through the afterlife.