Boy does Brady know how to play it


With the New York Jets facing the New England Patriots this weekend a one sided war of words have emerged with the Jets being the culprit with Patriots quarterback Tom Brady being the target.

You got to admit after everything that has been said by the Jets Brady sure knows how to play it cool.

Tuesday it was reported by the New York Daily News that Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie called Brady an “asshole.” (yes, I use swear words cause lets face it 10-12 year old boys are swearing behind their parents back)

Brady responded by saying that he has been called worst, but let’s be real here deep down inside he is fuming. However, he knows that the ultimate revenge is beating the Jets and ending their season. The same can be said for the rest of the team as earlier even though Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has told his team to keep their mouths shut when it comes to the media.

In the end, you can guarantee that this game is going to be a knock out drag out fight to the very end.

Forget about Newton


Many Buffalo Bills fans have been longing for a franchise quarterback as they are quintessential for a team to get to the playoffs in the National Football League.

One player you can cross off that list is Auburn quarterback Cam Newton.

We all know about Newton’s father trying to get universities to pay for his son’s services.  What I didn’t know is that both Newton’s cannot be trusted at all.

According to Chris Chase of Yahoo Sports, Newton’s father Cecil Newton agreed with the school to not show up for the BCS title game.  However, when you click on the link you can see that Cecil reneged on the deal.

What it shows is that Newton is currently unable to make the sound decisions it would take to be a great quarterback. In the NFL every single decision a quarterback makes on or off the field can lead to disaster, and it is apparent that Newton doesn’t get that.

In the end, if they really are going to take a quarterback in the first round this year it better not be Newton.

Players don’t get it


The National Football League Players Association has been crying and whining since NFL owners opted for a clause to end the collective bargaining agreement early.

The fact of the matter is the players simply don’t get it.

I am sick and tired of these whining little sissies sitting there and complain about how they are being compensated for all the injuries that they suffer.  You know what I got to say about that fuck you and go to hell assholes!

There are thousands of Americans like me out there who have played high school football and have suffered life altering injuries.  I am disabled due to a back injury I suffered during a eighth grade football game as the injury brought on osteoarthritis that I have to take several different pain killers to function normally.  Also, I suffered so many minor concussions in my senior year that unless I put things in certain spots in my house I will be looking for them forever.

For example, there is a little counter between my refrigerator and the kitchen sink on that shelf I have two jars that I use for my wallet and keys.  However, sometimes when I come home I will place my keys on the microwave or the computer stand and when I do that it takes me at least 15 minutes to find them.

The point is that my life has been altered forever by football and do I get a single dime in compensation for it?

No, because every time a football player steps on the field at any moment something could happen to you that will change your life forever.

In the end, NFL players need to shut up and be grateful that they are making the amount of money that they are, because there is a lot of people out there that would take what the owners are offering in a heart beat.