No excuses


The Buffalo Bills have missed on several first round picks over the last couple of years that has led to the team’s dismal 4-12 record this past regular season and the third overall pick in the upcoming National Football League Draft.

However, this year they have no more excuses.

It has been announced that the Bills have been selected as one of the teams to coach the Senior Bowl, along with Cincinnati Bengals.

The Bills now will have detailed information on many of the top senior prospects entering the Draft. That includes how far along techniques is compared to the top players of their position in the NFL, how much work they put in a week, daily routines and how fast they can learn a playbook as they will most likely learn a basic version of Gailey’s offense.

In the end, if the Bills don’t come away with a couple players that can make an immediate impact everyone from Chief Executive Officer Russ Brandon to the coaching staff should be fired.