Cross gets the boot


The Buffalo Bills had the worst run defense in the National Football League this past regular season, and that means changes are coming.

One change has already been made as inside linebackers coach Demontie Cross was given the boot by the Bills today.

The move is surprising considering that Bills head coach Chan Gailey just completed his first year with the team. What it shows is that Gailey is not afraid to make move when something needs to be done.

That is exactly the type of coach you want running your football team, because he is going to make changes until he gets it right.

What it also says is that players will be held accountable as if they aren’t performing they are going to be around very long.

In the end, it is refreshing for once to have a coach that isn’t loyal to his coaching staff.

Shame on the Rams


The Saint Louis Rams today let go of 44 year veteran equipment manager Todd Hewitt.

The Rams should be ashamed of themselves as Hewitt wasn’t the reason for the recent troubles.

The Rams have been bad in recent years due to the poor drafting of the Rams front office. So, there simply is no good reason why the Rams did this.

Yes, the National Football League is a business and people get let go all the time. However, there should be some sense of loyalty to people that have done the job well for such a long period of time. If Hewitt wasn’t doing his job like he was able to then at the very least they should have offered him another position within the club.

Hewitt started with the team at age 11 under his father Donnie Hewitt. He also has four children and for

In the end, hopefully Hewitt lands on his feet somewhere, because he sure deserves it.

Bills aren’t taking a quarterback


Many National Football League experts are predicting that the Buffalo Bills will take a quarterback with the third overall pick in April’s upcoming NFL Draft.

No matter what experts think the Bills aren’t taking a quarterback.

What many of these experts didn’t hear was Bills head coach Chan Gailey endorsement of quarterback Brian Brohm stating that his poor play was due to a lack of experience and playing time.  In other words he feels that Brohm has the potential to be a starting quarterback in the NFL other wise he would have taken a quarterback earlier in the 2010 NFL Draft.

What they do will depend on what the Carolina Panthers do with the top overall pick as if they go defense and the Denver Broncos go defense. The Bills will most likely then trade down as there will probably be a team that will want Georgia wide receiver AJ Green who looks like a stud, but the Bills already have a ton of wide receivers

Now, if the Panthers go with Green like all the experts think then the Bills will stay put and take who the Denver Broncos don’t take between Clemson Defensive end Da’Quan Bowers and defensive tackle Nick Fairley.

Bowers is 6’4″ and 280 pounds so the Bills could have him get lean and play outside linebacker and move linebacker Arthur Moats back inside or play at defensive end on the right which would give the Bills a deadly one two punch with Merriman at outside linebacker.

If they go with Fairley he will most likely slide over to defensive end or play him at the nose tackle position.

In the end, the Bills have one heck of a decision to make.