I feel sorry for Broncos fans


The Denver Broncos were on top of the National Football League in the late 1990s with back to back Superbowl titles, but since then have fallen on hard times.

With what is now being reported about the Broncos, I feel sorry for Bronco fans.

According to the Denver Post, via Pro Football Talk, former Buffalo Bills head coach Gregg Williams, Mike Mularkey and Perry Fewell are being considered for the Broncos head coaching vacancy. The mere fact that all three are being considered for a head coaching job is amazing as all three were a disaster with the Bills.

Seriously, are the Broncos blind, death and dumb or just plain stupid? Just because they have quarterback Tim Tebow means nothing. Tebow has done nothing yet to prove that he is or isn’t capable of being a franchise quarterback and the defense is a train wreck.

Fewell has proven he cannot make adjustments if his life depended on it. Williams couldn’t hire a decent offensive coordinator and Mularkey rode the coat tails of Williams’ teams.

In the end, if the Broncos hire one of these three they will be bad for many years to come.



Many National Football League fans and experts all thought that Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams would keep quarterback Vince Young over head coach Jeff Fisher.

There is only one word that can describe what happened Wednesday,and that is WOW!

Adams has constantly showed support for Young, so when Fisher and Young had a falling out this past regular season many thought that Adams would decide to keep Young over Fisher. So, when NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora reported that Adams was advised by senior management to keep Fisher and get rid of Young, most people believed that Adams wouldn’t listen.

Well it looks like we were all wrong as Adams released a statement today stating that Young will not be back in 2011. So, you think that would be the end of it as by all appearances Adams choose Fisher over Young.

That proved to be wrong as well as Adams ended the statement by stating that he informed Fisher that he is still evaluating the coaching staff and would have a decision on it soon. In other words Fisher can be going as well.

The fact is that the only person that Adams has to blame for this whole mess is himself. Fisher never wanted Young in the first place as it was reported back in 2006 that Fisher and then offensive coordinator Norm Chow wanted quarterback Matt Leinart as Chow was his offensive coordinator in college.

So, if Adams listened to Fisher in the first place he could actually still have a franchise quarterback and his longtime head coach. However, he didn’t and now he is paying for it.

In the end, it is amazing how some of these long time NFL people can be so stupid.

Harbaugh’s departure should be the decider


Many eyes in the National Football League are affixed on Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck as they await on his decision to enter the NFL Draft or continue in college.

With all signs pointing to the departure of head coach Jim Harbaugh to the NFL should be the decider for Luck.

In an earlier post I wrote that it would be foolish for Luck to stay in school with most of the offensive starters departing to the NFL.  Now, with the head coach leaving as well this decision should be a no brainer.

The thing is with a new head coach comes a whole new staff and that includes the offensive coordinator. That means there will be a whole new system on offense and when a new offense is installed there are always problem.  That will then lead to Luck’s stock dropping dramatically.

Luck’s stock is never going to be as higher as it is now and usually on Wall Street when a stock is really hot the owners of those stocks will sell, because they know if they hold on to them too long eventually the stocks will cool off and their value will eventually go down. The same goes for the NFL as there have been a couple of quarterbacks that stayed in college a year too long and lost a ton of money.

Obviously, the biggest example of this would be Houston Texans quarterback Matt Leinart as he would of been the first overally pick in the 2005 NFL draft if he came out. However, Leinart decided to stay in school and in the 2006 NFL Draft he fell all the way to 10th overall.

Also, there is Buffalo Bills quarterback Brian Brohm who was selected in the second round of the 2008 NFL Draft. Brohm prior to the 2007 draft was thought to be a first round draft pick, but he decided to stay in school and fell in the Draft.

In the end, Luck will regret it if he doesn’t enter the Draft this year.

Catering to republicans will destroy this country


Before I majored in journalism and media production I actually went to college to become a history teacher and there is a saying in history that if you don’t know your past you are bound to repeat it.

Simply, if the people and government keep catering to republicans our country and life as we know it will be destroyed.

First, I am not a republican or democrat I am a independent and I am for what is best for our country and our country is in this current economic state due to both parties.  Democrats always want free trade when the other countries don’t have the same human rights and labor laws like we do. Then republicans are always fighting for big businesses and the rich, so at every corner republicans try to get something for businesses.

So, with businesses free to go anywhere they want now without any repercussion, many of them have shipped jobs to Mexico and India to save money on labor and compete with the Asian and African countries that have very few laws as us. They also don’t make any advancements in safety unless they have to and if you don’t believe me check this video out from MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

Now, don’t get me wrong American companies are just as guilty of this. Even Ford is guilty of this as its subsidiary company Visteon Corporation had a production plant here in West Seneca, but moved the plant to Mexico. I know that to be true, because my brother in-law work there when it moved.

Then there is Lexmark who is based out of Kentucky. In 2004 I worked for Client Logic, who is a outsourcing customer service company, where I worked in the Lexmark division. Lexmark shipped its customer service to India. Even though our division had a 99 percent satisfaction rate they still shipped it over there like many other companies, which is obviously the inspiration for NBC’s show “Outsourced.”

Throughout history dynasties have fallen time and time again for one single reason alone.  Their government started to run out of money due to the rich buying up land, that was the source of tax revenue, and this was a problem, because the rich usually didn’t pay that much taxes.

So, what do you think is going to happen if we keep voting Republicans into the government?

First, they will keep giving the rich tax exemptions and then keep on sending troops over seas to fight in Afghanistan or other countries where Al Queda is thought to be. That will then lead to many programs being eliminated and big programs like Social Security see big budget cuts.

Then eventually a country with a evil dictator like North Korea will eventually convince a poor country like Mexico to invade. That already happened in World War II in the Zimmermann Telegram.

If you don’t believe me then ask your self this question; When you walk into Wal-Mart and a shopping do you look around on the products you need to make sure they are American made or do you look for the cheapest product?

In the end, if you want our country’s economy back on track start voting for the people that will hold businesses accountable, because they are the ones that have created this mess in the first place.