Bills fans can forget about drafting a quarterback


Many Buffalo Bills fans will be hoping come April’s National Football League Draft the team will use one of their top picks to draft a franchise quarterback.

However, after hearing Chan Gailey’s comments after Sunday’s loss to the New York Jets Bills fans can forget about drafting a quarterback.

My first thoughts on Bills quarterback Brian Brohm’s performance was that due to his lack of on the field experience the speed of the game got to him. He always looked like he found the right receiver, but was just a shade too late getting there.

The thing is Bills head coach Chan Gailey also thought the same.

“I thought that Brian understood what was happening,” said Gailey. “I think the speed of the speed of the game, because he hasn’t played, I think that got him a little bit.”

If you never have played the game at any level you need to understand that playing an actual game is much faster than on the practice field.  In a game things are faster due to adrenaline that is pumping and the different speed of the starting defense as the offense practices against third stringers. Also, practice can get very boring so players can tend to not have things in top gear.

Gailey continued on explaining what he meant.

“That thing comes a lot faster in the game and you have to drift and avoid and understand those little things that goes into making some of those plays,” Gailey said. “We take it for granite when Fitz is in there, because he does that and he knows the speed of the game. I think it would have been different if Brian had a lot more experience. I think he would have been able to handle some that stuff a little bit better, but he knew what he was doing it wasn’t like he didn’t know what he was doing.”

Brohm echoed similar sentiments in his post game press conference.

“First of all we were prepared for everything they threw at us out there today,” Brohm said. “We saw all that in practice, so there really is no excuses. I need to do a better job of getting the ball out of my hand faster when I know the pressure is coming and make sure that stuff don’t happen.”

The fact of the matter is Gailey has done a wonderful job this year with the offense and got Fitzpatrick playing the best football of his career. So, when it comes to the assessment of a quarterback I am going to defer to the guy who has coached a couple of Hall of Fame quarterbacks.

In the end, the guy deserves our respect to go along with whatever he decides at the quarterback position.

Bills to pick 3rd


The Buffalo Bills loss to the New York Jets on Sunday comes with a reward for Bills fans.

That being the Bills picking third overall in April’s National Football League Draft.

According to the Buffalo News, the Bills will be picking third as the Bills had an easier schedule than the Cincinnati Bengals, who also had a 4-12 record. If the Denver Broncos had found a way to beat the San Diego Chargers Sunday the Bills would have been tied for second overall with the Bengals and the decision of who will pick second would have been decided with a coin flip at the Scouting Combined in February.

The Bills most glaring need is a right offensive  tackle as they failed to address it this past offseason after tackle Brad Butler retired. The other would be a franchise quarterback as current starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is too erratic at times and backup Brian Brohm looks like he just doesn’t have it what it takes mentally to be  a starter.

Who the Bills take in what order will depend on who comes out as if Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck comes out they will have a shot at him or Auburn quarterback Cam Newton.  If Luck decides to stay then the Bills best bet would be wait until the top of the second round. As for the top offensive tackle that would be Colorado’s Nate Solder, according to ESPN.

In the end, the Bills have a tough call to make, but whoever it is they better hit the pick or the franchise will suffer for many years to come.