NFL is just a ratings monster


You think that an all-star game wouldn’t draw that many people to watch.

However, in the National Football League that isn’t the case as the league is just a ratings monster.

According to Fox Sports, via Pro Football Talk, the Pro Bowl got a 8.6 rating Sunday night. It doesn’t matter if the the two worst teams in the NFL are playing all that matters is that a National Football League game is on.

Just imagine how much more money the NFL will be able to get from network television stations for an extra two regular season games. We’re not just talking about millions of dollars, but hundreds of millions of dollars.

The thing that surprises me though is that the NFL hasn’t taken advantage of all the different camera angles that network stations have to broadcast games. What I mean is that the NFL hasn’t come up with some sort of package that allows fans to switch the camera angle of the game that they are watching for an extra price.

In the end, sooner or later there will be all sorts of different options available for games on the television that we could never have fathomed of right now.

Let the madness begin


It is the Monday before the Superbowl and already there is an feeling of anticipation in the air.

So, let the madness begin.

As the week progresses it is just going to get crazier and crazier, especially with two historic franchises in the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers squaring off who both have rabbit fan bases. If you don’t believe me check out this article from the USA Today.

Many people know how crazy media day is, so this year’s media day should be just the same or crazier thanks to Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s shenanigans this past summer. You can bet people in the media will be asking Roethlisberger about what happened that night he allegedly raped a college girl. The question is will Roethlisberger go with it and just answer the questions or will he blow up and storm out.

Also, there will be the countless questions for Steelers strong safety Troy Polamalu’s hair. However, the big story that will come out on media day will be courtesy Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The reason being Rodgers has a big mouth and is not afraid to express his opinion, so you can bet that something will slip out.

In the end, this may be the first Superbowl that is remembered for the week leading up to the game rather than the game itself.

Bills have some options


The Buffalo Bills feel they need a franchise quarterback if they are going to be good for a long time to come.

Already, many options are developing for the Bills.

The Bills first option is Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb. With quarterback Michael Vick being the Eagles franchise quarterback, Kolb has become expendable and it is being reported that the Eagles will listen to trade offers.

Secondly, there is the draft as the Bills have some interesting options available in Auburn quarterback Cam Newton and Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert. Even though both are currently thought of not to be worthy of the third overall pick the fact of the matter is that can easily change with solid Combine and Pro Day work outs.

Finally, there is the Bills own quarterbacks in Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brian Brohm. For all we know Bills general manager Buddy Nix and head coach Chan Gailey could be lying to throw other teams off the guy they really want.

However, that is unlikely as they are straight shooters and even revealed last year before the National Football League Draft that they wanted another running back and they did just that in drafting running back CJ Spiller with their first overall pick.

In the end, come April you can expect the Bills to take a quarterback with the third overall pick.

Barnett and Finley are right


Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers sound off on the issue of injured reserve players originally not planned to be a part of the team photo, which was later reversed by the team.

The fact is Barnett and Finley are right on the issue.

Rodgers was asked Saturday during an interview of what he thought about the situation 0f the injured reserve players not originally appearing in the team photo. Rodgers stated that he was put on injured reserve in 2006 and still stuck around. Basically, Rodgers said that if they want to be apart of the festivities they need to be around the team daily.

After hearing Rodgers comments Barnett fired right back.  “Well looks like people have something to say about where some people choose to do there rehab. Try rehabbing with 16 others then 53 more.”

The Packers only have six athletic trainers and athletic trainers only over see that the injured part of a player’s body gets it full range of motion and to a level of strength of that of a normal person. Getting the muscles back to the strength level they were before the injury is the strength and conditioning coaches job and there are only three of them on the Packers.

The thing is one wrong move can set back a player for months and people making as much money as football players are making should be getting individual attention. However, Packer players cannot do that with 16 players on injured reserve.

If anybody deserves criticism it is Rodgers for spouting off to the media. Rodgers before spouting off should have called Barnett and talked about it. Then if Barnett was still spouting off then Rodgers should have gone to the press.

In the end, it shows that Rodgers has his head so far up his ass it will take until sometime next week to get it out.

Titans mess cold have been avoided


The Tennessee Titans parted ways with long time head coach Jeff Fisher on Thursday leaving one big huge mess.

The thing is that mess cold have been avoided in the first place.

In April 2006 during the National Football League Draft when deciding who to pick with their first round pick the Titans were split on quarterbacks Vince Young and Matt Leinart. Fisher and then offensive coordinator Norm Chow wanted Leinart as Chow was Leinart’s offensive coordinator at USC. However, Titans owner Bud Adams wanted Young.

Of course with Adams being the owner he had the ultimate say and the Titans choose Young.

I don’t doubt that if Leinart was the selection the Titans wouldn’t be in this mess.  Chow knew Leinart’s strengths and weaknesses and could have easily tailored the offense to fit them.

Numerous experts stated time and time again that Young’s passing game was still raw and needed development. Leinart  on the other hand was a much more polished product.

In the end, when it comes to quarterbacks one wrong decision can be devastating for a team for many years to come.

Just bring it


Buffalo Bills strong safety Donte Whitner recently challenged the author of the website’s Pat Moran to a fight for charity.

Well if Moran is unwilling to step to the challenge then in the words of the Rock “just bring it” Donte, because I am more than willing to step up to the challenge.

It is pretty pathetic that Whitner is even challenging Moran in the first place. The Bills defense for several years now has just been outright pathetic, especially the run defense.

Football is a team sport and everyone on the defensive side of the football shares the blame for its horrible play. The question is now who is doing their individual job and Whitner isn’t doing his completely.

I’ll admit that Whitner has done a good job in regards to the run defense by recording 140 tackles, which was fifth in the entire National Football League. However, when it comes to pass defense Whitner hasn’t made enough plays as he has only one interception. Yeah, part of the problem was that the Bills had no pass rush, but still great players go out and make plays.

In the end, the only person that thinks Whitner is one of the best safeties in the NFL is Whitner himself.

I just don’t understand why they do it


It was revealed on NFL Network’s “Playbook,” via Pro Football Talk, that the New York Jets tipped their hand on a third down and goal from the Pittsburgh Steelets one yard line late in the fourth quarter of the AFC Conference Championship game last Sunday.

How it was tipped for the life of me I still don’t understand why they do it.

On that play Steelers outside linebacker Lamar Woodley jumped up and swatted down a pass at the line of scrimmage. On the show it was revealed that Woodley knew that a pass was coming due to right tackle Wayne Hunter lining up in a two point stance.

I understand the reasoning as it supposedly gives the offensive player the ability to get back and setup in front of the defender faster.

However, that wouldn’t be necessary if offensive lineman weren’t so fat in the first place. Twenty years ago offensive lineman were about 30 pounds lighter and losing weight can help one’s speed. Also, a offensive lineman can just simply work on his reaction to when the football is snapped.

In the end, it just goes to show in the National Football League every minute detail matters if you want to get to the Superbowl.

Cutler cannot have cortisone


Many National Football League fans are debating over whether Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is tough enough for the NFL.

Well Cutler’s situation is not like most players, because he cannot have cortisone injections.

A caller relayed to WGR 550’s morning show that  Cutler cannot have cortisone injections due to the fact that it causes high blood sugar in people with diabetics. The caller also stated that this combine with the release of epinephrine by the adrenal gland would have caused Cutler to fall into a coma.

Talking with a member of the medical community that is indeed the case with people who are insulin dependent.  The source also went on to state that most teams use a combination of lidocaine and cortisone to help treat injuries. After some research, the reason for that is the two treat two different things.

Lidocaine is used to help block signals to the brain to numb the pain from the injury while cortisone then treats inflammation.

So, with Cutler unable to take cortisone that means he can only take straight lidocaine injections. Therefore with no cortisone, when Cutler’s knee was injured, his knee swelled up and that greatly reduced his mobility.

With Cutler unable to move his leg very well even his mobility within the pocket was compromised and the main reason why Cutler was just so god awful. Also, that is most likely the reason why Cutler pulled himself.

In the end, as Paul Harvey use to say here…is the rest of the story.

Only in Buffalo


When you ask a person what first comes to mind when you mention the city of Buffalo many people think of the snow, cold, wide right and no goal.

So, it is not surprising that the city is getting some national spotlight for something so stupid.

It was first reported by the Buffalo News that Buffalo Sabre forward Rob Niedermayer’s name was spelled wrong on his jersey for the last three games. It was then subsequently picked up by Yahoo Sports on Friday.

Why is that Buffalo only gets national attention for something negative?

Hopefully, when the Superbowl comes around Buffalo will get some positive attention for once by the way of Green Bay Packers running back James Starks who is the current starter for the Packers and was a sixth round pick in this past April’s National Football League Draft. After that it is anyone body’s guess when the next does of positive news comes along.

In the end, hopefully either the Sabres or the Buffalo Bills will turn thing around soon, because it sure is getting frustrating watch these teams lose time and time again.

Bengals would be foolish not to trade Palmer


Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown confirmed that quarterback Carson Palmer requested a trade, but that he denied stating that he was too important to the teams plans.

With the current state the team is in the Bengals would be foolish not to trade Palmer.

Palmer is 31 years old and still has a lot of good years left. He proved that this year as he threw 3,920 yards passing with 26 touchdowns and 20 interceptions on a team that went 4-12.

The problem with the Bengals is that they didn’t have a running game this year and the defense isn’t that good. They may have found a stud defensive end in rookie Carlos Dunlap who had 9.5 sacks this year in a reserve role.

However, they still are far away as they need more defensive players to overtake the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens to make the playoffs. Trading Palmer away could do just that while they draft another quarterback in the first round.

In the end, the Bengals are better off trading Palmer as if he returns a circus will follow him everywhere.