One wrong move can set a franchise back


The Miami Dolphins in 2008 had the chance to select any prospect they wanted that was eligible for the 2008 National Football League Draft, which they used on offensive tackle Jake Long.

The thing is though one wrong move can set a franchise back for many years, especially when it comes to the quarterback position.

That year many NFL experts were calling quarterback Matt Ryan a sure fire lock to succeed in the NFL.  That has happened since then while the Dolphins on the other hand are still average at best.

If the Dolphins would have taken Ryan they would be pushing the New England Patriots for the AFC East division title and maybe even the top seed in the AFC conference as the Dolphins have a top notch defense. For whatever their reasons were not taking Ryan, the Atlanta Falcons are very thankful for it as they currently have the top seed overall in the NFC conference.

According to ESPN’s Tim Graham, the Dolphins are only one of seven teams that have not taken a quarterback in the first round since 1998. The others are the New England Patriots, Carolina Panthers, Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City Chiefs, New Orleans Saints, and the Seattle Seahawks.  Everyone of the group besides the Dolphins and Panthers have a franchise quarterback.

In the end, unless you have that franchise quarterback you should never pass on the top quarterback in the draft as doing so could set you back for years to come, especially one that is a sure fire lock.

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