No suspension makes sense


Many National Football League fans are outraged over the punishment that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell gave Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre in regards to the sexual harassment claim against him by former New York Jets employee Jen Sterger.

The thing is if you actually think about it not suspending Favre makes sense.

What many people forget is that Favre has been adamant about retiring after the 2010 NFL season. With his consecutive starts streak ending, along with the numerous other injuries that Favre has suffered, there is no real reason to believe other wise.

The Vikings have also been eliminated from making the playoffs with a 6-9 record. That means Favre’s last game is Sunday, so with those in mind it makes no sense to suspend Favre.

However, the amount of the fine, which was $50 thousand, is absolutely outrageous.Favre’s base salary this year $11.6 million, so $50 thousand is nothing to Favre. The amount should have been equal to four game checks and that amounts to $2.9 million as Favre makes $725 thousand a game. Even that would be fortunate for Favre as people who aren’t famous suffer much more severe penalties.

In the end,  if the NFL wants the government off their back they need to stop making boneheaded decisions like this.

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