An example of media members go through


On Tuesday the editor of the site has decided to take down his website due to all the hate mail and threats he had received from other Houston Texans fans.

The story is a good example of what members of the media goes through.

Like many other things there is a negative side to freedom of speech. That being people are free to call you every single name of the book for whatever they don’t agree with.

I distinctly recall last spring watching a video of a speech that WGRZ Channel 2’s Marisa Bailey gave to a class at Buffalo State College.  She stated gets all sorts of hate mail like your hair sucks, along with other various other degrading comments.

It is just a part of the business, because some people just refuse to hear anything else but their own point of view.

In the end, as the saying goes if you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen.

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