Free agency isn’t the answer


Many Buffalo Bills fans are hoping that the team will dip its feet into free agency come March to help improve the team.

The thing is free agency is never the answer.

Free agency has changed over the past several years.  Once formula for figuring out the salary cap switched from designated gross revenue to total football revenue the salary capped from under $100 million to over $125 million just in the matter of a couple of years.

That has thus allowed teams to just merely resign all of their own players. Now, there isn’t any difference makers in free agency anymore. Even if one hits free agency the amount of money that is required to sign him is just so astronomically high that it just isn’t worth it.

That means the only two real avenues available to them is trade and drafting. This year there is one option available for a trade that would immediately help the team in Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb. However, that will depend on what Bills head coach Chan Gailey thinks of quarterback Brian Brohm as he has all the physical tools to be a starter in the National Football League, but has not shown it mentally in his decision making at times during the preseason this year.

As for the draft it looks like the best two quarterbacks that will be available is Washington Huskies Jake Locker and Arkansas Razorback Ryan Mallet. However, at this point in time neither of them are really worthy of being picked within the top five of the National Football League Draft.

In the end, the only way the Bills will ever get out of the basement of the NFL is by hitting some draft picks.