How much longer can Brady and Manning hold out?


Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has played a lot of football in the past decade, which includes regular season and post season games.

That begs the question how much longer can these two hold out?

Manning is in his 13th season as the quarterback of the Colts and has played in 18 post season games. So, it is not surprising to hear ESPN’s Ron Jaworski say that Manning is lost a little but of velocity on his deep out passes.

Manning will turn 35 in March, so that means Manning may have one or two good seasons on top before he really starts to show that his body is declining.  It is very rare to see a quarterback reach 40 years old in the National Football League as Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Farve has, so don’t expect Manning to get near that age.

As for Brady he is in his 11th NFL season, but he will turn 34 in August that means his body has seen a lot of football as well.  Also, Brady has played in 18 post season games, so it is most likely that his body will start to show decline in about three years.

Another thing that people need to remember is that Brady tore up his knee in 2008. So, it wouldn’t be surprising to see knee problems start creeping up on him.

In the end, Patriots and Colts fans better enjoy it, because once those two are gone it is most likely back to the basement of the NFL.