No such Luck


Many Buffalo Bills fans have been hoping all year long that the team would wind up with the first overall pick in this upcoming April’s National Football League Draft to pick Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck

However, not only can Bills fans can forget about Luck everyone in the NFL can forget about it.

According to Sports Illustrated’s Peter King, Luck’s current plan is to stay in school for his senior year.  King cited Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh who stated he thinks that he won’t go pro due to him being big on academics.

However, Luck’s decision would be foolish as of the 11 starters on offense seven of them are seniors or fifth year seniors. Three of them are offensive lineman. That means the offense will have some issues next year in communication, and that can lead to disaster sometimes.

The defense has four starters leaving in two defensive lineman and two linebackers. The thing is all these stats are based on solely on starters that are fifth year seniors, a player that was red shirted as a freshman, or a senior that is in the last year of his eligibility.

That means that any starter that is inn his junior year of college, which is three years removed from high school, can enter the Draft. All 22 of Stanford’s starters are juniors or high in college, which means that it is possible that all 22 starters could enter the draft.

In the end, if Luck stays in school and more than half the starters leave on offense and defense Luck will lose a lot of money come the 2012 NFL Draft.

Bills need some big men


The Buffalo Bills were destroyed Sunday as they lost to the New England Patriots 34-3, which many many thought was going to happen in the first place.

As enticing taking a quarterback can be the Bills need big men first and foremost.

The Bills most glaring need is on the defensive side of the football. As many people are high on Kyle Williams he isn’t good enough to be a nose tackle in a 3-4. Great nose tackles command double teams, which frees up a linebacker, and makes plays still when double teamed.

Williams on the other hand make plays only when he goes up against a single blocker and even when he goes up against single teams he doesn’t make plays all the time.

Fortunately, the Bills already addressed that in last April’s National Football League Draft in selecting nose tackle Torell Troup in the second round. Also the Bills signed nose tackle Kellen Heard recently off the Oakland Raiders practice squad and the Bills have some high hopes for him with him being 6’6 and 355 pounds

The other glaring need is a right tackle. The Bills haven’t had a solid one all season long since Brad Butler retired in the offseason prior to this year.

Now, couple that with the injuries to guard Eric Wood and center Geoff Hangartner the Bills have no right side to their offensive line. That has most likely forced Bills head coach Chan Gailey to scale back his offense, which has caused it to sputter.

In the end, the big men are the foundation of your football team and if the Bills ever want to make the playoffs again they need to address them first.