Smith is barking up the wrong tree


For months now there has been persistent chatter from National Football League Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith that there will most likely be a lockout following the expiration of the current collective bargaining agreement. That also has led Smith to call on players to prepare for it by saving the last few game checks of this year.

However, Smith is barking up the wrong tree.

Smith for a while now has been calling on players to save game checks to prepare for a prolonged lockout. This is most likely a tactic that Smith is using to drum up support from fans of the NFL to put pressure on the owners to get a deal done.

The thing is though there are many people out there like me that want a lockout. That way these ingrates can understand how lucky they are to have what they have and to  understand what thousands of every day people are going through with no job.  Many of those same people are struggling to put food on the table and provide the other necessities of life to their children.

Even some NFL rookies have seen ridiculous amounts of money before they even stepped out onto the field as this past April’s first overall draft pick Saint Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford signed a six year $78 million contract earlier this year. Even undrafted free agents see several thousands of dollars a year as a base salary.

Also, just the other day I caught an episode of MTV’s “Cribs” that featured San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis.  His house featured many of the same things that you see in movie stars’ houses.

So, were to really feel bad for a bunch of millionaires that will lose a little bit of money that will not even dent their lifestyle?

I don’t think so.

In the end, Smith needs to shut up and get something done already, because nobody is believing that load of crap he is selling.