Bills better win


The Buffalo Bills have lost the last fourteen games against the New England Patriots.

With Patriots quarterback Tom Brady being sick with the flu the Bills better win.

One of the most famous images in the National Basketball Association is former Chicago Bulls guard Michael Jordan hitting the game winning shot to win the his sixth NBA title in 1998, while having the flu.

Now, what do you think will happen if Brady has an outstanding game with the flu?

The game will be brought up for decades to come and only add to the embarrassment that Bills fans have endured over the last few years. In other words this is one of those defining games that will indicate how far the Bills really have to go to compete for a playoff spot.

For years former teammate Teddy Bruschi’s story of how he came back from a stroke was brought up every time he played. So, every time Brady and the Patriots face adversity for the remainder of his career this game will be brought up.

In the end, hopefully the Bills will win for all of our sanity’s sake.