Bills vs Dolphins will come down to offense


The  Miami Dolphins beat the Buffalo Bills in the season opener at Ralph Wilson Stadium behind their running game and the terrible play of former Bills quarterback Trent Edwards.

The winner of this game will be the team whose offense is more effective.

The Dolphins defense is one of the best in the National Football League entering Sunday’s contest ranked fifth overall.  The Bills defense is ranked 23 thanks to their terrible run defense. However, the Bills proved last week against the Cleveland Browns that they are capable of defending the run much better than what their rank says.

The Dolphins achilles heal has been their quarterback play as Chad Henne has been down right average. If the Dolphins had gotten better play form him they be contending for the division probably.

As for the Bills the offense has been the strength of the team.  When the Bills offense is clicking on all cylinders they are a tough team to beat.

In the end, it all comes down to the quarterbacks.

Bills should resist temptation


It was only five seasons ago in 2005 that many National Football League experts thought the Cincinnati Bengals were on the rise. That never came to be as after one good season the Bengals have failed to make the playoffs. Now, there are rumblings that Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer could be available for a trade.

As tempting as it may be to trade for Palmer the Buffalo Bills should resist that temptation.

When people talk about the Bills quarterback situation bring up current starter Ryan Fitzpatrick talent. However, nobody brings up the little things like timing, being on the same page when reading coverages and the addition of new plays if they were to keep Fitzpatrick.

All those thing become a problem if the Bills were to bring in a different quarterback to start for the team.  Fitzpatrick has done a very good job as in 11 starts he has thrown for 2,526 yards passing with 21 touchdowns and 11 interceptions and with three games to go Fitzpatrick can easily surpass former Bills quarterback Drew Bledsoe’s 24 touchdowns in 2002 for the most since Jim Kelly in 1991.

Winning takes a team effort and not just a great performance from one position. The Bills can easily be in the playoffs with a solid run defense.  However, that this year has been just absolutely atrocious.

In the end, how about we try and figure out what the heck is wrong with our run defense instead of beating a dead horse.

Whitner deserves it


Buffalo Bills safety Donte Whitner’s agent has been in contract talks with the team this past week as Whitner’s contract expiring after the season. That of course means that Whitner wants to be paid.

Well Whitner definitely deserves something for his play this pas five years.

What Whitner deserves is a foot in his ass on the way out the door. The reason being he has been nothing short of an out right disappointment.

Whitner was drafted eighth overall in the 2006 National Football League Draft, but he has never lived up to his billing. The highest amount of interception in a single season for Whitner was two last year.

The top safeties in the NFL usually have at least double what Whitner has per a year. The NFL leader in interceptions for safeties this year is Pittsburgh Steelers Troy Polamalu. Last year New Orleans Saints strong safety Darren Sharper had nine interceptions.

So, let me get this straight Whitner wants to be paid like one of the best for what? Being second on the teams in tackles doesn’t mean as much to a safety as it does for a linebacker.

In the end, Whitner is going to get a rude wakeup call when he hits free agency and if someone signs him it will be a team like the Oakland Raiders that are desperate for talent.