It’s over


Many wondered Monday if Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Farve would somehow continued his streak Monday night with an extra day off due to the Metrodome’s roof collapsing.

Well it was not to be as Farve’s streak is over at 297.

As much as Farve is a drama queen his streak will be tough to beat. Playing through pain is part of the game, but the amount of pain that Farve had to endure just to keep playing is unfathomable.

All one has to do to realize the severity of Farve’s injury is the look at pictures showing his discolored hand. If he was 10 years younger he probably doesn’t suffered the pinch nerve that is causing the problem.

In the end, who knows if we ever will see someone break this streak.

Jets should also be fined


Most National Football League fans have seen New York Jets strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi trip Miami Dolphins defensive back Nolan Carroll on a punt.

Alosi shouldn’t be the only one getting punishment as the Jets deserve some as well.

The incident isn’t about one single person, but rather a whole organization. The organization as a whole has been pushing the boundaries for a while now just for the sake of winning. Winning is a great thing, but not at the cost of one’s integrity.

The Jets don’t care what they have to do to win as long as it gets them a win who cares. I wouldn’t even doubt that someone would go Mike Tyson and bite somone’s ear off if it will get them a win.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell needs to send a strong message to the Jets.  That being they need to knock off their crap and act like a grown man and not children, because if he doesn’t it sends a message to the Jets and everyone else it is okay to cheat.

In the end, hopefully the Jets will have to pay a nice seven figure dollar amount to pay to the NFL.

Sometimes you just wonder


Listening and reading various media outlets for their comments and thoughts on this past Sunday’s Buffalo Bills win over the Cleveland Browns I came across Buffalo News columnist Jerry Sullivan’s Monday column following a Bills game.

After reading it and hearing him in his weekly Monday interview you just have to wonder how the heck does he even have a job at times.

Sullivan’s on Monday was nothing short of mind numbing. First, there was calling Bills outside linebacker Arthur Moats a backup linebacker. Moats in each of the last two games have made an impact play hitting Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Farve while he was throwing the football and causing an interception and a strip sack this week against the Browns. Both plays were against Pro Bowl left tackles.

Then there were his comments that the Bills front office cannot hit anyone in the National Football League Draft when they have identified wide receivers Lee Evans and Stevie Johnson, former defensive end Aaron Schobel, running back Fred Jackson, and former tackle Jason Peters. The problem with the Bills is that the organization for years have had people in power that don’t have a clue how to draft.

In the end, this is a team that has talent and are just a couple impact players away on defense from making some noise in the National Football League.