Win over Browns was a quality one


Many Buffalo Bills fans entered Sunday with very little thought of a Bills win

However, the Bills fought through inclement weather against a Cleveland Browns team that has been a tough opponent for a quality win.

That stats aren’t the prettiest, but don’t let that fool you.  The Browns entered Sunday with two quality wins over the New Orleans Saints and the New England Patriots, which means they were an extremely tough opponent.

The Browns offense has been led by running back Peyton Hillis who has rushed for 1,070 yards and 11 touchdowns. Also, the defense is ranked eighth in points allowed per a game as they are allowing a mere 19.4 points a game.

However, today Bills head coach Chan Gailey proved why former Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Bill Cowher recommended Gailey.  Lets face it if this was Dick Jauron or Perry Fewell running this team the Bills would have easily been beaten.  However, Gailey is a quality head coach that knows how to make in game adjustments.

Many members of the media will point to Sunday’s stats as another reason why Fitzpatrick isn’t a franchise quarterback.  The fact is though rain is tougher to throw in than snow.

The reason is simply snow is a solid that can be easily removed off a football due to its atoms being dense due to the cold. As for water it is free flowing so your not going to be able to remove it the way you want.  In terms of football a football is slicker in the rain than in the snow.

In the end, the steps may be tiny, but the Bills are heading into the right direction.