Another big test


The Minnesota Vikings are surprisingly not as good as they were last year.

Even though the Vikings have a record of 4-7 they are still another big test for the Buffalo Bills.

The Bills enter this Sunday looking to redeem themselves after letting a winnable game against the Pittsburgh Steelers literally slip through their grasp. The question is will their never quit attitude still prevail this Sunday.

The Bills may have a record of 2-9, but they are far better than that as they took the Baltimore Ravens, Kansas City Chiefs and the Pittsburgh Steelers to overtime. Also, of their other six losses only two were by more than 10 points and those were to the New York Jets and Green Bay Packers.

This game could easily turn into a shoot out considering that Vikings quarterback Brett Farve loves to pass and the Bills offense is better at passing than running.

In the end, there is one guarantee and that is this game will be entertaining.

Raiders did Bills a favor


Prior to last April’s National Football League Draft one of the possibile players that the Buffalo Bills could have taken was linebacker Rolando McClain.

The Oakland Raiders did the Bills a favor by taking McClain.

According to the Bay Area News Group, via Profootball Talk, the foot issue that McClain has been dealing with is actually arthitis. That is about the worst news a linebacker can get.

How effective a linebacker can be is determined by how fast he can get to the football. With arthritis in his foot, McClain’s speed is surely to drop a little, along with missing games due to the pain.

Artritis is very painful as it causes joint inflamation and the joint to stiffen up. Then over the course of time it gets worst and with it being in his foot that could be quicker than normal.

In the end, McClain will be lucky to get to double digit year for his career.