Sources should remain anonymous


Usually, broadcast news outlets and newspapers organization want on the record sources before they go with a story.

However, in the National Football League sources should remain anonymous.

In a article early on Tuesday a anonymous National Football League general manager called Tennessee Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan an “absolute scumbag.” Later in the day Finnegan’s agent took exception to it and later blasted the G.M. for remaining anonymous.

The this is people employed in the NFL usually have to remain anonymous due to the possible ramifications.  NFL owners and the league office itself is very tight lipped and has a certain way going about things. So, you can bet that if the G.M. went on the record the said teams owner would be making a phone call to him asking what the heck they are thinking, especially if it is a division rival.

This isn’t the typical manager job where there are numerous throughout the country.  There are only 32 NFL general manager positions and everything a G.M. says or does is scrutinized.

In the end, the only one Finnegan has to blame for the public’s perception of him is himself as after all he did say he wants to be known as the NFL’s dirtiest player one day.

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