Ralph is lucky


On Tuesday new broke that East Resources founder, president and CEO Terry Pegula signed a letter of intent to buy the Buffalo Sabres and during the discussion of Pegula a point was brought up about the legacy of current owner Tom Golisano.

Simply, current Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson is lucky he got elected into the Hall of Fame while he was alive.

On WGR 550, Howard Simon and Jeremy White was talking about the legacy of Tom Golisano and brought up a great point.  Golisano’s legacy would have been forever tarnished if the Sabres went up for sale to the highest bidder upon his death and then moved. The same can be said about Wilson’s legacy.

As much as Ralph has done for the National Football League and the city of Buffalo, if the team moves after he dies Wilson will be forever known as the talk big owner who always talked big, but when it came down to crunch time he and his team folded.

Now, what do you think would of  happen in the room of the 44 Hall of Fame selectors if Wilson’s name was brought up for selection into the HOF and the team had just moved.  The 44 selectors would of cut Wilson in the first round of cuts from 15 to 10.

In the end, owners should not be available for the HOF until five years after their tenure of ownerships just like players, because it isn’t fair to judge someone on a partial body of work.

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