NBC has some guts


NBC’s “Law and Order” television series has always used real stories for inspiration for episodes, but today I couldn’t believe my eyes as during a commercial in the show “The Event” there clear as day was an promo for an upcoming of “Law and Order Los Angeles” was an episode inspired by the Tiger Woods story.

You got to admit NBC has some guts for taking it on.

By now most people in the United States know that after a traffic accident just outside his home it was revealed the Woods had numerous amount of mistresses. That ultimately led to Woods getting a divorce from his wife and checking into clinic to get treated for a sex addiction.

This is not you average everyday person or news story.  This is a high publicized figure that has a ton of money and could easily file a lawsuit that would drag out in court as long as he wants to. That would essentially translate into a public relations nightmare.

If Woods doesn’t sue it would be due to him getting sympathy from people.  The incident happened over a year ago and I could frankly careless as there are a lot of guys out there that would probably do the same thing. ESPN’s Colin Cowherd said it best if Woods was single guys everywhere would be giving him a high five.

In the end, NBC will be pretty lucky if they come away from this unscathed.

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