I got to face the music


For a while now I have been hard on nose tackle Kyle Williams, but that changed Sunday.

For that I have to face the music.

Williams was an animal Sunday as he was constantly in the Pittsburgh Steelers backfield on the way to a 10 combined tackles two sack game.  Even backup Torell Troup was in the Steelers backfield, but that still wasn’t enough for the Bills as the defense was dominated in the first half.

So, that begs the question what was the problem in the first half?

According to WGR’s Paul Hamilton in an interview with the station’s morning show stated the Kyle Williams was adamant that they did nothing different from the first to second half, but tackle better.  If that is the case what the heck are they doing in practice?

I know football is a brutal sport and in the National Football League coaches need to be careful with veteran players.  However, at some point in time during the week prior to a game a teams has to practice hitting, or your players will not be good at it come gameday.

In the end, if the linebackers don’t start doing a better job of tackling then it will be time to get new linebackers.

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