What more do you need?


Many Bills fans are lamenting over a heart breaking overtime loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The one question to me to come from this game is what more do you need to see from Bills quarterback to convice you he is a legitament franchise quarterback.

Fitzpatrick was 23 of 45 for 265 yards passing a touchdown and a interception. Also, Fitzpatrick threw two passes that should have been caught for the game winning touchdown, but wide receiver Stevie Johnson dropped both of them.

To Johnson’s defense the first one was a little high, but still was very catchable. When Johnson couldn’t haul it in the ball popped into the air and was intercepted. On the second Johnson beat his coverage on a deep route and had his hands on the football in the endzone, but dropped it.

Many will ask what happened in the first half, but it is hard for an offense to get anything going when your defense cannot get off the field.

In the end, with a better defense the Bills easily win this game.

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