Garrett is quickly making a name for himself


Dallas Cowboys interim head coach Jason Garrett was thought of before this year as a potential head coaching candidate.

With Garrett finally getting his chance after the firing of head coach Wade Phillips, Garrett is already making a name for himself.

In Garrett’s first game as a coach the Cowboys up set the New York Giants defeating them 33-20 and then on this past Sunday they defeated the Detroit Lions 35-19. However, on Thursday the Cowboys lost a heart breaker as they were defeated by the New Orleans Saints 30-20.

What makes it a heart breaker is that the Cowboys were leading the Saints 27-23 and were on their way to score what appeared to be the game clinching touchdown. That turned out not to be as on that drive wide receiver Roy Williams was stripped of the football. That would prove to be costly as the Saints march right down the field for the game winning touchdown.

Clearly, the Cowboys are a much different team under Garrett. What most likely happened is that the Cowboys got lazy and complacent under Phillips.

In the end, if the Cowboys continue to play this good under Garrett you can expect it to be his permanently.

Boy I am mad at myself


With Thanksgiving comes NFL and for several years the games have been terrible until this year as the New Orleans Saints and Dallas Cowboys game went right down to the wire.

Boy I am at myself.

Several months ago I gave up my DVR as my cable bill jumped up dramatically due to being with Time Warner for over a year. The reason being to keep the price at the same level it was before.

That has proven to be costly as there have been a lot of good games this year.  Several factors have come into play for that, but none of those are as big as parity within the NFL.

In the end, when I get my tax return I need to look into buying a DVR straight out like a TIVO.

The one thing that I have a problem with on this Thanksgiving


I tend not to write about things that doesn’t involved football as it can be a Pandora’s box.

However, there is one thing that I have a problem with on this Thanksgiving that I need to talk about.

For the first time ever stores like Sears and Walmart are  staying open on Thanksgiving to try and boost their sales for the holidays. I have a problem with that as Thanksgiving should be about family, and not shopping.

Don’t get me wrong there should be some stores open like gas stations and supermarkets as people do need gas to get to places and sometimes forget food. However, there is no good reason for a department store to be open on Thanksgiving.

We all know that Thanksgiving was created as a way to say thanks to the food that we have ,but thanks to businesses it is turning into a shopping holiday.  The way it is going Thanksgiving is going to get turned into a shopping holiday.

I know that we live in a capitalist society and business can basically do what they want, but being open on Thanksgiving is going too far.  The sad part is that many don’t care as long as they can save a few bucks in the process of shopping for Christmas.

That is the problem with our country.  We have turned from a country filled with morals and ideals into a what have you done for me lately. Even pulling your car over to help a motorist in trouble is sacrilegious as god forbid it could be a trap.

In the end, hopefully I am wrong and this year turns out to be an aberration for it will be a sad day when Thanksgiving turns into a complete shopping holiday.