Bills may never pick a quarterback


Many Buffalo Bills fans are hoping that the team will draft a quarterback in the first round come April’s National Football League Draft.

However, the Bills may never draft one at all.

Many Bills fans are forgetting about a quarterback with the way the offense has been going, and that is Brian Brohm.

The Bills signed Brohm off the Green Bay Packers practice squad in the middle of last season.

Usually, when a team hire a new general manager he brings in his own head coach and scouting department. However, the only thing Buddy Nix did was bring in his own head coach.

Typically, head coaches have huge egos and feel they can turn chicken crap into chicken salad.

Head coach Chan Gailey will most likely not be able to resist giving Brohm a chance to be a starter, because of the talent that he poseses. Also, if he were to turn Brohm into a franchise quarterback the Bills offense would be even more dangerous than it is now.

In the end, Bills fans can forget about drafting a quarterback.

One thing Bills fans may not realize


On Tuesday for the first time I caught WECK’s Brad Riter play the Kasper’s Korner game. While they were reading one article, Brad mentioned Kyle William’s two plays before the half in last Sunday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Right there I realized something.

What I realized is that I failed to mention that the technique that defensive linemen use in the middle of the field is different than what they use in goalline and second and third down or one.

In the middle of the field defensive lineman are told to get penetration to disrupt plays and keep offensive lineman off the linebackers.

Goalline and a downs with less than one yard is a totally different ball of wax due to it being such a short distance.

What defensive lineman are taught from high school all the way to the NFL is don’t worry about getting penetration and fire out of your stance low into the offensive lineman. That way they cannot get any leverage on you to push you back.

Offensive linemen to counter this either just push the defensive lineman down to the ground or try to fire out lower than the defensive lineman. The later is more common and is why you typically see something that resembles a rugby scrum with runningbacks diving over the top.

In the end, hopefully you understand now that when a defensive player makes a play along the goalline it means nothing as with the short field and this technique they are the ones with the advantage.