Turnstile no longer a Bill


The Buffalo Bills were left scrambling after right tackle Brad Butler suddenly retired earlier this year, and made a huge error in the process.

The human turnstile known as offensive tackle Cornell Green is no longer a Bill.

According to National Football Post, the Bills have released Green from injured reserve.

Green was signed in free agency to replace Butler, but was nothing short of a disaster. Green started in five games before his season ended to injury.

In the end, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

For the first time


Going into the season I didn’t know what to expect except for the fact that the Buffalo Bills wouldn’t make the playoffs again this year, which has led me to not really root for them to win all year long.

With the way that the offense is play as of late I have finally found myself root for the Bills again.

It is amazing how fun it is to watch a Bills football game when they actually have a decent offense.  The last time I had this much fun was back when Jim Kelly was the team’s quarterback.

I always thought this team had some talent, especially on offense, and with the right coach they could explode.  That has finally happened this year under head coach Chan Gailey.

The Bills may not win another game this year, but it won’t be due to a lack of effort or points as you are sure to get that the rest of the way.  The problem has been the run defense since defensive tackle Pat Williams left the team in  free agency.

In the end, it has finally fun to be a Bills fan in so many years.

Bills stats that are eye-popping


Since Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick took over the offense in week three the offense has been completely different than what it was in the first two weeks.

So, I thought I do a little research on where the offense ranks in those eight games, and the numbers that I found are eye-popping.

Average rushing yards per a game: 120.375 rank 10th in NFL

Average passing yards per a game: 245.125 rank 12th in NFL

Average total offensive yards per a game: 365.5 rank 9th in NFL.

Since Fitzpatrick has taken over the offense it has been a top 10 offense in the NFL. So, my question is why doe the Bills need to draft a quarterback?

They don’t as the only reason why the Bills are losing football games is that they don’t have a legitimate pass rusher and a nose tackle that can clog the middle. If the Bills were winning games people all over the country would be saying that Ryan Fitzpatrick is a possible MVP candidate, but since they aren’t the talk is do they need a quarterback.

The fact of the matter is what Bills fans want is wins and the offense has clearly done more than its fair share to get those.

In the end, lets forget about the offense and start worrying about that piece of crap nose tackle Kyle Williams, because if the linebacker were the problem the pass defense wouldn’t be ranked ninth in the NFL.